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What is it Like Having 3 Co-Founders at Super73?


LeGrand: I’m the LeGrand Crewse co-founder and CEO of Super73.

Michael: And I’m Michael Cannavo, co-founder and CMO of Super73.

LeGrand: Why the name Super73 for our first product? So, this is probably maybe the question that we get asked the most. And it’s one that, I guess, has many different layers of answers. So, we built that first bike. I think we all had this feeling; this thing is it’s super awesome, super cool. Super was like this.

Michael: We kept using the word.

LeGrand: Yeah, we just kept using it like, wow, just to describe this product. And so ultimately, you know, we’re going to try to find a name, you know, super had to be part of it. Michael: Yeah, it was superbike, you know, super. We were making up words about SoCal and the beach and the ocean, and we were like, it’s just not quite there in the frames really exuded this, this presence of the seventies, this throwback to old California, old America back in the seventies. And so, we looked at, hey, what years are important? And in 1973, there was the gas crisis, and gas prices shot up, not too dissimilar from today. And there were lines at the station. So, what better way to navigate around that usage and consumption of gas than to have an electric vehicle? So Super73 was just kind of this beautifully poetic name we landed on. And the alliteration helps a lot too.

LeGrand: And probably most importantly, we got the website and a trademark. So, you know, that always does help as well. Yeah, exactly.