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Jan 24, 2020
Lindsey Eckerd

WIRED: Don’t Brush Off Mouth Tech as a Passing Fad

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Is “Mouth Tech” a Passing Fad? We Think Not!

BURST Oral care was recently featured in WIRED as part of a larger article about the trend toward more technical consumer dental products.

In her article, Lauren Goode notes, “Mouth tech, particularly in developed markets like the US and Europe, is having a moment. And high-powered toothbrushes are just the tip of the dental pick. Consumer health companies are pitching portable water flossers, dental floss subscriptions, at-home LED whitening kits and direct-to-consumer smile aligners. The global oral care market is projected to grow to nearly $41 billion by 2025, up from $28 billion in 2017, according to Grand View Research.”

How did BURST tap into this collective cultural dental care shift?

Check out the video below, featuring co-founders Brittany Stewart and Hamish Khayat with Volition Managing Partner, Larry Cheng, telling the story of BURST.

Learn more about why Volition invested in BURST Oral Care.

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