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Doing Things Media (DTM) is responsible for the most shareable, relatable, and culturally relevant memes and video content on the Internet.


About Doing Things

Headquartered in New York, NY, Doing Things is a native social publisher that owns and operates more than 25 brands across social platforms, scaling through social publisher consolidation and creator partnerships.


Doing Things (DT) is responsible for the most shareable, relatable, and culturally relevant memes and video content on the Internet. By publishing 100+ pieces of content per day across 25+ owned and operated brands, the company makes day-to-day life entertaining and engaging for 65M followers across social media. Those properties include many of the most popular brands built organically on social media, including Middle Class Fancy, House of Gaming, Rad Dad, TrashcanPaul, Doggos Doing Things, and Animals Doing Things, among many others.

The company was co-founded in 2017 by Reid Hailey (CEO) and Derek Lucas (Chief Creative Officer), who joined forces to bring together like-minded content creators developing funny and feel-good content to mainstream and niche audiences via Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snap, and YouTube. Over the past 5 years, DT’s business has evolved from content creation and distribution to consumers products via e-commerce stores, a growing branded content business that partners with some of the world’s largest brands (Dole, Lionsgate, Heineken, McDonald’s, Hulu), building original shows (Recess Therapy, Bob Does Sports), expanding multi-platform monetization, and developing Web3 initiatives.


Why We Invested in Doing Things

We are experiencing a secular shift in consumer viewing patterns. Consumers are spending less time on traditional entertainment media and more time on social-mobile. Ad spend follows consumer eyeballs and is shifting from traditional mediums to these high engagement social platforms. Native social publishers are capitalizing on this consumer behavioral shift through content that is viewed passively on social feeds. This differs from native web publishers that utilize social channels or paid ads to drive traffic to their websites for longer-form content. The passive social views are monetizable through branded content, programmatic ads, and ecommerce revenue that is amplified by social virality with high engagement metrics.

When we started to evaluate the native social publisher space, we looked at all our favorite social accounts that we share with family and friends. We found that most of these viral accounts are run by Doing Things. The two Co-founders are considered part of a small group of first movers that popularized viral accounts through memes and videos. The team recognized an opportunity to scale beyond their core content verticals through social publisher consolidation and creator partnerships to complement the organic growth strategy.

We are excited to partner with Doing Things to help them achieve their goals as the largest native social publishers through organic growth and acquisitions.

Click here if you are a social publisher that would like to connect with someone from the Doing Things team.

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