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Larry Cheng

Managing Partner

“Success is 1% inspiration, 98% perspiration, and 2% attention to detail.”

– Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

If you doubt whether customer service is worth investing in, think about how our views of a company degrade if we have a bad customer service experience vs how it elevates if we have a great customer experience. That’s happening one way or another, every day, with your customers.

Portfolio Companies

A founding partner at Volition Capital, Larry Cheng focuses on investment opportunities in transactional Internet applications, e-commerce, digital health, and next-generation consumer brands. Larry currently serves on the boards of Arteza, Burst, Grove Collaborative, Mozaic, Recycle Track Systems (RTS), Rounds, Sensible Care, Super73, and US Mobile.

Additional Board Memberships

Larry's Bio

Prior to spinning out Volition in 2010, Larry was a partner at Fidelity Ventures, where he led their investment in Verid (acquired by EMC). Before Volition Capital, Larry was a senior associate at Battery Ventures, where he was actively involved in OpenNetwork Technologies (acquired by BMC Software), Ximian (acquired by Novell), and Ruckus Network (acquired by TotalMusic). Larry began his investment career as an associate for Bessemer Venture Partners, where he focused on software investments. Before Bessemer, Larry was an associate consultant at Corporate Decisions Inc.

Larry earned a B.A. in Psychology from Harvard College.

  • Larry’s technology career began at the early age of 13, when he became Apple Computer’s youngest certified technician – he also happened to electrocute himself during the training program.
  • He made 51 out of 102 three-point attempts during his league MVP senior basketball season at La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS).  He also was an Academic All-American football player in high school, playing both wide receiver and defensive back.  Larry went on to play football at Harvard.
  • Larry managed a $400k student-run laundry business in college and ultimately became president of Harvard Student Agencies (HSA), a $4.0M student-run company serving the greater Harvard community.


“I want to be and believe I am the go-to partner for my founders and CEOs. When things are challenging, I’d like to be the first call because they know I will do anything and everything possible to help support them. When things are going well, I’d like to be there celebrating all of the little and big wins during the journey. I hope to be the most trusted and most impactful partner they can imagine.

I look for companies with home-run potential led by grounded and humble leaders. At Volition, we love companies that have paired an authentic mission, with passionate customers, and tremendous growth. These are hard combinations to find – so I am willing to take a risk to get it. I’ll back founders who don’t check all of the boxes for other investors. I will invest in sectors that are strongly out of favor. I’m not at all scared of novel or creative business models because I am a contrarian at heart.

The most rewarding part of what I do is helping my founders and management teams realize their aspirations. In a very real sense, we are in the business of helping to make dreams come true.”

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