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GRAX is a leading data management platform for enterprise SaaS applications.

Check out how the leader in FinTech payments overcame their backup and archive challenges with their @salesforce Service Cloud #data to support their FINRA / WORM compliance needs #FinServ #successstory


Founded in 2018 by Joe Gaska and Chris Haley, GRAX provides a software platform that helps businesses preserve, recover and act on their data. Replacing traditional backup and archive tools that miss most historical changes and store sensitive data in third-party clouds, the Company captures an irrefutable and recoverable record of every single change that happens to data over time. It allows businesses to keep their backup and archive data in their own storage environment and makes this historical data available for analytics alongside live data.


The Company launched its first product in late 2018, and rapidly scaled to become a leading provider of backup, recovery and archiving software designed for the Salesforce ecosystem. The Company has leveraged a unique understanding of the data management pain points faced by large enterprises to build a solution that enables clients to unlock value from data stored across multiple application silos.

In October 2019, Volition led the Company’s first round of institutional financing to help accelerate growth by broadening its current Salesforce offering and extending its platform to serve additional enterprise cloud applications.


The Volition team first discovered GRAX in the Summer of 2019. “We were quick to identify the Company’s exceptional growth trajectory since it first burst onto the Salesforce scene,” said Managing Partner, Sean Cantwell. “They managed to achieve impressive scale without raising a dime of outside capital.”

Throughout our diligence process, we saw how the talented and relentless GRAX team was early to establish an incredibly strong product / market fit that we believe is in a space that is poised for rapid adoption.

“GRAX exhibits the exact profile of business we love to work with: fast-growing, founder-owned, and tapping into a clear unmet need in the market,” said Dave Gordon, Principal at Volition Capital.

“We are thrilled to welcome GRAX to Volition’s tight-knit community of founders and thought-leaders,” said Sean Cantwell, Managing Partner at Volition Capital. “GRAX represents the exact profile of business we love to work with. We believe the team at GRAX has what it takes to keep up with customer needs and lead the market. We’re excited to work with them.”

Chris's Perspective

Chris Haley on why the Company chose to work with Volition Capital:

“We chose Volition Capital because we recognized that the market opportunity in front of us is bigger than we imagined – we believe that with growth capital, we could decisively claim market leadership in our space. We’re building a multi-billion dollar company and we couldn’t have found a better investor that understands both our business and the road ahead for GRAX.”

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