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Insite Software Announces Major New Enhancements For Insitecommerce

Leader in B2B commerce software releases InsiteCommerce 4.5.0 with additional functionality for email, list share, search, security and more

MINNEAPOLIS, June 18, 2019 — Insite Software, a leading provider of powerful digital commerce solutions architected for manufacturers and distributors, announced today it has launched InsiteCommerce 4.5.0, the latest version of Insite’s industry-first eCommerce platform. InsiteCommerce 4.5.0 includes several major new updates based on both customer feedback and Insite B2B commerce innovation. In addition to improving Insite’s already powerful search capabilities, version 4.5.0 provides new functionality that enables email list reminders, provides multiple customer list share features, enhances security for commerce sites and delivers integration with inRiver cloud products.

“Insite has stayed in front of the B2B commerce industry by prioritizing new features and functionality based on customer feedback combined with the deep expertise of Insite’s development team,” said Steve Shaffer, Chief Executive Officer of Insite Software. “We’re dedicated to listening to our customers’ needs and wants and responding with continuous improvement of our eCommerce solutions. InsiteCommerce 4.5.0 is a reflection of that powerful approach.”

InsiteCommerce 4.5.0 includes new features within six major areas of the solution including:

  • Email List Reminder functionality allows customers to set email reminders to reorder items on a recurring basis and at regular intervals from a specific list. Insite’s robust list management capabilities already increase efficiencies for buyers and sellers. This new functionality is designed to boost productivity even further with daily jobs that generate emails based on the schedule defined by a storefront user.

  • With List Share for Multiple Customers, Insite’s list functionality has been enhanced to serve the needs of customers who share lists with large groups of customers. The tool now allows users to create, manage and share lists with multiple customers from the Admin Console. This provides manufacturers and distributors with the capability to promote specific products, highlight recommended or approved products, or streamline access to their most in demand products.

  • InsiteCommerce 4.5.0 provides Search Enhancements that make search results even more relevant to their customers. There are additional options that enable business users to configure search logic to better match customers’ expectations. Users have more control to improve multi-word and phrase search logic, improve part number matching when part numbers have special characters or include manufacturer part numbers, and prevent ‘did you mean’ logic from being applied to part numbers.

  • The Insite platform now provides new security capability in terms of Bad Actor Prevention, giving customers the ability to decide who can be on their site while preventing visitors from scraping information from the site for other purposes.

  • Shop by Brand Enhancements allow users to configure search, boost and bury by brands and product lines, offers a new brand gallery widget, improves SEO for brand pages and provides stronger ability to highlight specific brands. This update gives distribution customers the ability to easily raise the visibility of certain brands, a desirable feature for promotion and partnership purposes.

  • InsiteCommerce 4.5.0 now seamlessly talks to inRiver cloud implementations with its updated inRiver Connector. This connector allows all product, item, resource and channel information to be synchronized directly from inRiver to the InsiteCommerce platform. Insite’s integration with inRiver leverages the rich data that a PIM can provide and allows manufacturers and distributors to seamlessly update product content with the flexibility to deploy inRiver either on premise or in the cloud.

About Insite Software – Insite Software is the leading provider of powerful digital commerce solutions specifically architected for manufacturers and distributors. Insite’s B2B eCommerce solutions go beyond commerce connecting people, products and channels for a rich, omnichannel experience. We believe eCommerce is more than a website. It’s about transforming your business and delivering best-in-class experiences for everyone involved in the complex B2B buying cycle. With more fully-supported B2B capabilities out-of-the-box than any other platform in the marketplace, and the ability to extend and customize, Insite delivers digital commerce without compromise. For more information, visit Insite Software here.


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