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Messagepoint is a leading Customer Communications Management solution, helping enterprises create clear, relevant, and personalized communications to their customers.


Messagepoint is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, and is a provider of Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions. The Company’s hybrid cloud platform enables businesses to produce personalized communications at scale across a variety of distribution channels including print, email, mobile and web.

Messagepoint combines a user-friendly interface that integrates with existing legacy CCM systems and provides the business user with more control over content without having to rely on help from technology professionals. Messagepoint primarily sells into regulated industries such as insurance, financial services and healthcare.


Before rebranding as Messagepoint, Prinova successfully built an innovative product business from a stable services business. Founded in 1998 as a services business, Prinova helped large enterprises optimize their communication strategy by integrating with existing on-premise composition engines and crafting communications templates and strategies.

After years of success with its on-premise software, Messagepoint released its SaaS product in 2013 and is now recognized as a leader in the CCM market.

In 2016, Volition Capital Managing Partner, Roger Hurwitz, met Messagepoint founder and CEO, Steve Biancaniello. Later that year, Volition invested in the Company.


Messagepoint’s CCM technology sits at the intersection of numerous strategic product categories, such as content management, marketing and customer experience.

Managing Partner, Roger Hurwitz said, “We believe the product’s value proposition, which is deeply rooted in cost savings today as it enables business users to create and deploy communications without the involvement of IT professionals, is quickly expanding to revenue generation with the platform’s ability to deliver more personalized messages to customers. We also believe Messagepoint is targeting a large market that leverages existing, on premise CCM technology, and has various initiatives in mind to further increase its total addressable market.”

Steve's Perspective

Messagepoint founder and CEO, Steve Biancaniello, on his ongoing partnership with Volition:

“Roger does a weekly touch base. He allows the relationship to be intimate and familiar to the extent you want it to be. You’re not just hearing from someone at the board call who wants and update. He’s been a great coach and is always supportive.

It’s really a great balance in my mind. He’ll push when that needs to happen, but he knows how to do that without being invasive or disturbing your flow. The team at Volition finds that balance. Yes, they are going to be involved. But, they are going to know what we’re doing, and they certainly aren’t overly involved or at every corner or turn.”