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Connatix is a complete native video advertising solution for advertisers and publishers looking to display branded content across web and mobile.

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Founded in 2013, Connatix is a native video monetization and syndication platform for publishers and video content creators. The Company’s platform, enables publishers to easily create native video ad placements, and its syndication network connects publishers to relevant third-party content and thousands of premium advertisers, helping to maximize revenue.


Co-founders David Kashak and Oren Stern were passionate about building a company that would change the online video market. Their value proposition was clear: to help clients generate more revenue.

Connatix envisioned and built a multifaceted native video monetization and syndication platform that enables online publishers to serve and monetize video content seamlessly. Their products were best-in-class and easy-to-use for their clients. And, looking purely at the numbers, they had experienced triple-digit top line growth while also having been bootstrapped and profitable since inception.


When the Volition team first discovered Connatix, it was clear that the business possessed a lot of the core attributes that make it a Volition company. David and Oren were founders who had big aspirations for their company but maintained a grounded orientation towards building the business one happy customer at a time. They had bootstrapped the business, been profitable since inception, while also generating 100%+ topline growth. Their proprietary technology platform solved a clear problem for publishers by making it easier for them to make money from video – the key growth area of the market. When we invested, we believed there was an opportunity to further extend Connatix’s technology stack, expand their customer reach, and broaden their geographic footprint – which is exactly what transpired.

Larry Cheng’s perspective: “Connatix has a great value proposition for its customers – make more money from your existing online properties. The world is moving to video aggressively, and Connatix is not only helping their publisher customers stay relevant in the midst of that transition, but they are helping them to thrive in that transition. Connatix is an example of how good things happen where you marry best-in-class technology, with a clear value proposition, and prudent founders. Connatix’s performance speaks for itself as they continue to expand their leadership position in the online video market.”



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