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Insite Software powers the Connected Commerce Suite (CCS) for leading global manufacturers and distributors that brings together commerce, channels and content/data to drive better B2B buyer and B2C user experiences and higher sales.



Founded in 2004, Insite Software is a B2B e-commerce platform vendor tailored specifically for Manufacturers and Distributors (M&D) in the mid-market. Insite’s ‘Commerce’ solution provides M&D a digital commerce offering to enable their customers to order, customize, and track their purchases online, all tightly integrated to the applicable ERP data of the M&D and the specific procurement rules and workflows of their customers.
Insite CCS is used by many leading companies to digitize and engage dealers, franchisers, sales reps, stores, contractors, buyers and consumers, is fully integrated with leading ERP, CRM and Web Content Management systems, and can be flexibly deployed either on-premise or in public/private clouds.


While the B2C e-commerce market has become relatively mature in terms of its adoption of technology and breadth of offering, the B2B e-commerce market, which is over 2x the size of B2C per Forrester Research, has lagged behind given the complexity of automating B2B relationships. With businesses looking to mirror the experience that consumers have come to expect online, we believe the B2B market is poised for rapid growth in the years ahead.

Unlike B2C, which generally provides a one-size-fits-all approach with consumers seeing the same price and product offerings, B2B requires a more dynamic, integrated platform, as customers have their own set of workflows, contracts, pricing, user-based roles, customization needs, product catalogs and more. Automating such processes requires integration and middleware expertise to connect with multiple back-end and front-end systems, including ERP, CRM, Content Management and Product Information Management systems.

Enter, Insite Software –

Volition Capital Managing Partner, Roger Hurwitz’s, notes, “Not only do we see the large B2B e-commerce market as ready for growth and adoption, Insite fills an immediate void with its vertical-specific B2B platform for manufacturers and distributors. Coupled with the strong growth and strong team, we’re excited to see Insite lead the way in innovating this market.”



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