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Securonix, a leader in Security Analytics, uses the power of Hadoop and machine learning technology to transfer enterprise security with actionable intelligence.

Please join us in welcoming @Nayaki_N as Chief Executive Officer of @Securonix! Ms. Nayyar brings over 25 years of deep industry experience driving transformation, innovation, and growth in large enterprise software companies. Read More:


Co-Founded in 2007, by Sachin Nayyar (CEO) and Tanuj Gulati (CTO), Securonix is an Addison, TX, based vendor of UEBA (User Entity and Behavior Analytics) and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) software.

The Company’s platform, dubbed “SNYPR”, utilizes a combination of machine learning-based analytics and a Hadoop-based big data platform, enabling Security Operations teams to digest log data from disparate security and business applications to identify and remediate external and internal threats.



Before starting Securonix, entrepreneurs Sachin and Tanuj had a long-time, successful history of working together. They led (and sold) Vaau, identity and access management vendor, to Sun Microsystems, which was later acquired by Oracle.

Drawing upon their expertise in the sector, Sachin and Tanuj spend 10+ years building the next generation SEIM as a service business – attracting high caliber talent across the organization and making notable traction in the market.

Having bootstrapped their business successfully with continued 100% YoY growth, the management team recognized the need to institutionalize the business, bring in a financial partner and solidify growth into the next phase of market penetration.

Sachin recalls, “When it was time to evaluate VCs, we heard about Volition Capital by word of mouth. We were looking for a partner that would help us hire the right individuals and work with us without being overly aggressive in that process. We wanted a team that had similar philosophy as us – not to go after growth at any cost.”

In 2017, Volition Capital invested in Securonix to help expand the Company’s leadership in its market.


As a firm, we’re always tracking what’s happening in cybersecurity. With the number of security breaches and the sophistication of cyber-attacks continuing to grow, the ability to detect breaches in a timely manner has become more crucial than ever before.

Because of its reputation in the industry, our team had been tracking Securonix for more than four years.

Volition Principal, Tomy Han, recalls, “We were very interested in what Sachin and Tanuj were doing. We spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of Securonix’s business, customers, needs and pain points. We spent time getting to know Sachin, Tanuj, and the rest of the time team. When the Securonix team was ready to raise capital, we were ready to move with conviction.”

Volition Capital Managing Partner, Roger Hurwitz, added, “It was true then and it’s true today, we believe Securonix has the foundation, vision, and management team to lead the security analytics market, and is well-positioned to capture significant share in the large, addressable SIEM market. There’s just so much opportunity in this industry.”

Sachin's Perspective

Volition has been a very key part of the overall strategy of how we grow as a company. They have the right level of push to get us there, while still understanding what it is we are trying to do. We don’t want growth at any cost.

I’ve seen so many VC’s just coming with their playbooks – and you are expected to follow that. I believe that founder-built, bootstrapped companies just don’t operate that way.

I wanted an investment partner that would be part of the team and help us create a custom playbook.



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