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Tomy Han

 “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  

– Nelson Mandela


Tomy joined Volition Capital in 2012 as part of the firm’s first Analyst class. He focuses on software and internet investments in compliance, security, supply chain, and vertical applications.


Tomy serves on the board of directors of Pramata and Qure4u. Other board observer roles have included Assent Compliance, Black Kite, Burst, Creatio, RTS, and Securonix.


Tomy’s exited investments and board observer roles include the following companies:


“The businesses that I get the most excited about are those that have strong relationships with their customers, with a commitment to helping each other grow and improve.

What I love most about working with entrepreneurs is the opportunity to form a true partnership – both inside and outside the boardroom.”

More About Tomy

Tomy joined the Volition team directly out of Harvard, where he earned a BA in Economics. In 2020, Tomy earned a place on the GrowthCap 40 Under 40 List.

  • Tomy was born in Seoul, South Korea, but spent a chunk of his childhood in Mexico City and later San Diego. Eating tacos are a passion of his.
  • He’s a die-hard soccer fan. He’s still waiting for the day when the Tottenham Hotspurs win the Champions League. 2018-2019 season was pretty close.
  • Tomy started spelling his name with one “M” while growing up in Mexico but pronounces it as if it had two “M”s (Tommy). It goes against all phonetic rules.
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