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Qure4u's is a holistic patient engagement and virtual care platform ready to meet all patients' needs.

Looking for boosted revenue, less burnout, better care and satisfaction for everyone? 🤔 Click the link to gain a clearer understanding of how you can help your organization achieve greater results through the adoption of smarter digital solutions.

About Qure4u

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Monica Bolbjerg, the Qure4U patient engagement platform assembled many of the nation’s leading experts in virtual care, consumer engagement, interoperability, telehealth, remote patient monitoring, care strategy, and leadership best practices to solidify its position as the leading fully integrated, comprehensive digital health platform in America. Qure4u’s corporate headquarters is in Bradenton, Florida with additional offices in Atlanta, GA, San Marcos, CA & Madrid, Spain.

Today, the Company serves over 15,000 daily users of the MyCarePlan patient engagement and virtual care platform. Its customers serve over 10M patients with an average of 2,500 new patients registering each day on the Company’s platform.

Why We Invested in Qure4U

Volition Capital Managing Partner, Roger Hurwitz, met the Qure4U team in early 2021 and immediately recognized the potential in the fast-growing, bootstrapped company. With strong market recognition and solid customer reviews, the Company was breaking out ahead of well-funded players.

Roger commented, “the Company offers customers a holistic virtual care platform, ranging from patient scheduling to care plans post discharge, under a much lower TCO and a unified data platform. Having evaluated several vendors providing more siloed solutions, we truly believe a holistic platform has a strategic advantage.”

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated key trends that were already taking place, including, but not limited to the growing adoption of solutions to digitize the patient experience.

“The Company has only just started building out its go-to-market function,” said Tomy Han, Principal at Volition, “so there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity ahead.”

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