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TraceLink is the preferred vendor for global supply chain traceability and product serialization solutions in the life sciences industry.

Read it now: New data sources can provide an effective, systematic approach to mitigating drug shortages, according to TraceLink’s Bharath Sundararman. Read his latest blog to learn more. #Pharma #Pharmaceutical #SupplyChain


Based in North Reading MA, TraceLink is a vertical-market SaaS vendor that has developed a suite of software solutions to improve supply chain management and to support product track and trace compliance within the life science industry. The Company is currently commercializing five key product offerings,  all of which operate within the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud – a web-based platform through which the Company’s network of customers and their trading partners can seamlessly connect and interchange serialized product data.

The Company allows drug manufacturers, repackagers, distributors, wholesalers, dispensers and other constituents in the pharmaceutical supply chain to seamlessly connect with trading partners, improving operational efficiency, increasing transparency and ensuring compliance with growing regulatory requirements.

The accessibility of the Company’s technology platform combined with the comprehensiveness of its product offerings makes TraceLink the best-in-class global track and trace and product serialization vendor on the market today.


Founded in 2009 by a team of executives led by CEO, Shabbir Dahod, TraceLink was developed to solve the myriad supply chain challenges in the life science industry. The founders saw significant opportunity in becoming the preferred vendor for solutions enabling product serialization and product track and trace.

With the passage of the Drug Quality and Security Act in late 2013 (as well as similar regulations around the world), track and trace and product serialization compliance became a necessity for the life science industry, leading to a dramatic increase in demand for global track and trace solutions.

Since inception, TraceLink experienced significant growth and remarkable customer retention. In 2014, in order to keep pace with the market demand, the Company looked to raise a Series B financing.

Volition invested in Tracelink in 2015.


At Volition, we’ve been increasingly aware of how the shifting regulatory environment has impacted the need for (and adoption of) technology.

Case in point: To combat issues surrounding the sale of contaminated and counterfeit drugs around the world, global track and trace regulation has taken form to ensure compliance among all constituents throughout the drug supply chain. As of January 2015, all drug makers are required to track products on a lot basis, and by late 2017/early 2018 full serialization will be required on all products.

Enter TraceLink –

Manufacturers recognize that building out a network traceability infrastructure will be an expensive and time-consuming process, so they are turning to TraceLink to address the problem. TraceLink has built a technology to connect suppliers to the network quickly and cost effectively for complete management of traceability solutions.

Volition Managing Partner, Sean Cantwell, adds, “Not only does TraceLink enable its clients to comply with regulations aimed at improving patient safety and minimizing counterfeit product in the supply chain, it also benefits greatly from the network effect. The fast-growing customer base and amount of data ingested, strengthens the Company’s position in the market, and therefore the competitive advantage.”

We believe the Company has the opportunity to gain significant market share over the next several years as clients seek to comply with mandates that require products to be tracked through the supply chain at a lot (batch) level by 2015, serialized at an item level by 2017, and tracked at an item level by 2023.

Click here to visit TraceLink’s website.


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