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Acquired in 2015, G5 is a leader in Local Marketing Management, giving business owners visibility into which advertising efforts produce their most profitable customers.


About G5

G5 Search Marketing provides a vertical-specific Local Marketing Software Platform with multiple locations in Self Storage, Senior Housing and Multi-Family Apartments. G5 offers a comprehensive suite of products and services, including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Web Presence, Lead Development, Analytics and Optimization, and Marketing Services.


Founded by Dan Hobin and located in Bend, Oregon, G5 grew quickly right out of the gate. Impressively, Dan bootstrapped the business from inception, keeping a focus on capital efficiency and market penetration. With minimal sales and marketing efforts, the Company demonstrated significant revenue growth, which was driven by client referrals, expansion of client locations, growth into new verticals, and increasing online ad spend.

By early 2010, Dan recognized the need to bring on an investment partner in order to keep up the pace of growth. Following an initial call by then Associate and now Principal, Dave Gordon, the Volition team identified an opportunity for partnership. In early 2010, the G5 team met Volition Managing Partners, Roger Hurwitz and Sean Cantwell. Later that year, Volition invested in G5. 


Having an investment thesis in both marketing technology and the real estate sector, the Volition team recognized the sizable opportunity for vertical-specific, end-to-end online marketing solutions as dollars continued to shift from offline to online in G5’s core industries. In addition, G5 was unique in its strong value proposition and tangible, immediate ROI generated for its clients.

Roger Hurwitz recalls, “We were immediately drawn to G5’s compelling value proposition and ROI that led to strong financial performance.”

“We also loved the passion of the Co-Founders, Dan Hobin and Greg Meier, and the culture they created,” said Sean Cantwell. “The team was just so well-aligned. They recognized their strengths and the great opportunity ahead of them, and they were committed to building a sizable business.”


“Volition’s partnership was a great vote of confidence in G5’s mission to deliver the most sophisticated local marketing technology platform in our select verticals,” said G5 CEO Dan Hobin.  “The Volition team has significant experience working with high-growth SaaS businesses like ours, and we’re thrilled to have Roger and Sean joining the G5 team.” 

How We Partnered With G5
  • Helped recruit key executives to build-out management team
  • Assisted in developing go-to-market strategy and positioning the business
  • Introduced the CEO to bankers, and helped close a significant investment by Peak Equity Partners in 2015
Path to Exit
  • Volition invested in G5 in 2010
  • Received significant investment from Peak Equity Partners in 2015