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BURST Co-Founders on What They’re Reading


Brittany Stewart: And I think that so much wisdom is gained from reading, which is a big part of framing how our minds work. I think it’s that we’re both been serious readers our whole lives. I am. I mean, I am the ultimate genre across the spectrum, from romance to historical to biography to business.

Hamish Khayat: …To where you can then have a few of them going because you can have an autobiography, and then you can have a business book, and then you can have your romance.

Brittany Stewart: Novel. I honestly read everything. If I had to pick one genre, historical fiction is probably my favorite genre because it’s a mix of understanding the trajectory of how the world exists today and why it exists, but then humanizing it with some of these. Hamish Khayat: Real-life characters who…

Brittany Stewart: The real stories about you don’t… Hamish Khayat: Want to emulate them all, but you can learn from them…

Brittany Stewart: Them all… Yeah. So I am currently rereading all of the Alice Hoffman books. So what she would probably be most famous for is Practical Magic. She wrote that. And so, most recently, she wrote The Rules of Magic. And then she has another book coming out this fall. But she is very well regarded for women’s history, Jewish history, and a little bit of mysticism. And I think she’s just like one of the most eloquent and accomplished American writers that are around. So I’m doing Alice Hoffman rewrites. So I just finished Rules Of Magic Again.

Hamish Khayat: The business book I’m reading right now is the Uber one, which has just come out, which is obviously a little bit sensitive, and thought you could understand what it’s like at the top of a very big company. So I thought I’d give that one a go. And then I actually just finished a ten-part series on historical fiction in the Roman era during the rule of comedies. It was very exciting. I was a bit upset to get to the end of the ten-parter, and I’ve just started another six-series number. I basically read every historical fiction on the medieval era, and I’m now really scraping the barrel. So we’ll see where we go next after this one.

Brittany Stewart: I mean, we’re so passionate about books. We have a BURST book club where we pick a book, and the hygienists, read it, and we have like a digital book club meeting. We are real book enthusiasts.