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BURST is the leading professionally endorsed, direct-to-consumer subscription oral care brand.

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Headquartered in Venice, CA, BURST is a direct-to-consumer subscription oral care brand that launched in 2017. BURST has built a community of over 25,000 dental hygienist ambassadors who help to design and sell their oral care products.

The brand’s flagship product is an affordable, high-end, full-featured sonic toothbrush with a convenient replacement brush head subscription. The Company is also developing an entire portfolio of professionally designed oral care products including floss, toothpaste, and whitening strips.


The idea for BURST was born when Hamish Khayat designed his first toothbrush out of frustration at the age of 19. Many years later, in the summer of 2017, Hamish met fellow entrepreneur Brittany Stewart. Together, Brittany and Hamish launched BURST and were off to their first Oral Care Conference.

After launching, BURST gained strong traction with consumers very quickly. Within 12 months, it had over 80K subscribers and an ambassador network of 9K+ dental hygienists to recommend its toothbrushes and communicate its value proposition.

It wasn’t long before Brittany and Hamish started looking for an investment partner.

Volition Capital invested in BURST in 2018.


The Volition team first learned about BURST from one of their infamous corn Instagram ads. Volition Associate, Mary Kate Marino,  reached out to Brittany to learn more about BURST, and soon after that, Managing Partner, Larry Cheng was on a plane to LA to meet Brittany and Hamish.

Larry’s Take: “We saw something in BURST that you can’t buy – which is an authentic passion from the BURST ambassador community. To have thousands of dental professionals helping BURST design their products, representing their brand, and selling their products is a priceless asset that BURST has in the oral care market. That community was born from the tireless efforts and unyielding commitment of Hamish and Brittany to their ambassadors. They are trying to make the world a better place by making superior products for patients and by building a caring and supportive community for their ambassadors. We believe it is a winning combination.”

Fun Facts About Burst

  1. One of Larry’s first meetings with Hamish was at his Bachelor Pad in LA
  2. Brittany and Hamish do a weekly video cast to their dental hygienist community
  3. The yearly “BURST Con” event features a 3-day extravaganza with guest artists, theme nights and – of course – dental hygiene