Tomy Han, Vice President

Capital + Flexibility

Tomy focuses on investment opportunities in supply chain, compliance, retail and consumer. He is responsible for sourcing and executing new investments. Tomy is a board observer for Assent Compliance, Pramata, and Securonix. He is also actively involved with Connatix, Insite Software, Recycle Track Systems (RTS), Bombfell, and LoanLogics. 

Prior to joining Volition Capital in 2012, Tomy worked at Endeavour Partners and Weiss Asset Management, a Boston-based hedge fund.

Tomy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Harvard University.


Tomy's Portfolio Companies

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More About Tomy

+  Sector Focuses include SaaS, Information Technology, and Internet companies.

+  Attended Harvard College and received his BA in Economics.

Contact Tomy

tel.  617-830-2307
mobile. 619-587-1980





Tomy's Story

Growing up in multiple countries following his dad, who is a passionate businessman in the import and export industry, business, entrepreneurship, and globalization, automatically became Tomy’s top interests as a child and later developed into a passion.

“The reason why I respect entrepreneurs so much is because I’ve seen firsthand through my dad how much effort, risk, and commitment it takes to grow an idea into a reality.”

After spending most his childhood years in Mexico City, where he developed a love for soccer, and teenage years in San Diego, California, Tomy moved to Boston to attend Harvard.

“I’ve got to be honest -- frankly, I still miss San Diego on those snowy, gloomy, slushy days during the winters of New England.”

During his time at Harvard, Tomy became involved in an investment club called MIR, which actively managed a small fund, where his interest in learning about and identifying new, exciting companies sparked. During his time there, he also became involved in a number of cultural organizations on campus, as well as the intramural soccer team, where he played as a defender. After four exciting years, Tomy graduated with a degree in Economics and language citations in Spanish and Korean.

Prior to joining Volition Capital, Tomy has spent time researching securities at Weiss Asset Management, a hedge fund based in Boston, as well as consulting with Endeavour Partners, a boutique management consulting firm focused in the IT industry, where he discovered his passion for the technology sector.

“Technology is such an exciting space because innovation is so fast and barriers are low for brilliant ideas and hardworking minds to achieve the success that they deserve.”

In 2012, Tomy joined Volition Capital as an Analyst. “After meeting the Volition team and experiencing their passion, energy, and dedication, I knew right away that this was the place I had to be.”

During his free time Tomy enjoys playing golf and soccer.