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Jim Ferry

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

–  Steve Jobs

Meet Jim Ferry

Jim joined the team at Volition in 2014 and is responsible for evaluating and executing new investment opportunities on the Internet & Consumer team and assisting with current portfolio operations. He focuses on consolidation platforms, the movement of physical things, ad tech, marketplaces, and other internet transactional businesses.


Jim has investment experience on the following Volition Portfolio companies:

Portfolio Company Exits

“I view investing as a true partnership and not a business transaction. Because of that, I spend the majority of my time on the road meeting entrepreneurs in-person and discussing how Volition can be a value-add partner.”

“All startups have their unique challenges that I strive to understand and come up with tailored solutions to ensure Founders can realize their ambitions.”

Prior Experience & Education

Jim joined the Volition team directly out of Providence College in 2014, where he received his BS in Finance and was the top business school student in his class.

  • Jim enjoys fishing for striped bass off of Block Island, RI. (He claims nothing tastes better than fresh fish caught yourself).
  • When not fishing, he can be found on the beach every weekend in the summer.
  • He’s a diehard Boston sports fan. It’s on his bucket list is to visit every MLB stadium.
  • Jim loves traveling and trying local delicacies. His favorite country so far is Malta.
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