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Mark Hardy

 “Every person dies, but not every person truly lives.”  

– Braveheart  

Meet Mark Hardy

Mark joined Volition Capital in the summer of 2019. He is responsible for sourcing new investment opportunities within software and tech-enabled service businesses.

  • Prior to joining Volition, in 2018, Mark interned at Stifel Financial Corporation in New York City as an Equity Research Analyst covering the beverages space.
  • He spent the summer of 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa taking an investment finance course and working for a local venture capital firm.
  • Mark holds a BA from the University of Notre Dame in Psychology with a minor in Computer Science.
FUN FACTS About Mark
  • Mark was born in Oklahoma City and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Watching college football is what you can find him doing on Saturdays in the fall. Boomer Sooner and Go Irish.
  • He loves experiencing different cultures. Mark has visited 27 countries and plans to visit every country in the world. (Only 150+ countries to go!)
  • Mark’s interested in what drives individuals and their belief systems, and how those belief systems impact individuals’ cultural world-views.
  • He wrote his senior thesis on the potential for psychedelic compounds to alleviate terror management-related aggression towards out-group members. He loves talking about it. Just ask him (or his coworkers).
Grow with Conviction

“As a psychology major, I am interested in understanding human behavior and how shifts in market sentiment can result from playing out of basic psychological principles.”